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Health Benefits of Calamus Root

In Hoodoo, Calamus roots  is used for Mastery and Power. Carry to gain the upper hand in any type of negotiation or interaction. If you want to dominate in a relationship, add Calamus root to a mojo bag of love herbs (such as rose buds or patchouli leaf).
Burn as incense (it is one of the ingredients in the biblical ritual incense ketoret). Useful in connecting to your holy guardian angel. Also good for Lunar Spells, particularly psychic awareness and prophetic dreams.
Helpful in times of emotional exhaustion, burning calamus incense strengthens self-confidence and promotes success.
In India, Calamus root is said to nourish the Kundaline snake that rises through the chakras.
Calamus is also used as a protective ward against snake bites and evil spirits.
  • Calamus roots are used for treating gastrointestinal and digestion problems such as ulcer, intestinal gas, inflammation in the stomach, anorexia, and upset stomach.
  • The herbs may act as sedative or calming medicines that are used in treating stroke and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Chewing calamus root may also heal sore throat associated with colds and influenza.
  • Calamus may act as a stimulant which promotes a sense of well-being and all-natural mood stabilizer.
  • Calamus is used in treating skin diseases as well.
  • These herbs can also be eaten and are even sometimes used as spices.
  • They also relieve dyspepsia and heartburn.
  • Calamus root helps ease toothaches and curb one’s nicotine craving. Chewing it can help smokers get rid of the smell and taste of tobacco in their mouth.
  • Lastly, it is found that some chemical contents of calamus can ease muscle tension and contraction.

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