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The Magical Uses of Bay Leaf

Bay Leaves, also known as bay laurel, is a powerful herb that is useful for manifestation, prosperity, protection, cleansing and even psychic development. It is a favorite herb of many as it is easily accessible, has multiple magickal uses and is easy to grow inside of your home or garden.

Bay Leaves are said to clear crossed conditions, Ward off Evil, and hold blessings and prayers. Bay Leaves have been adopted as a substitute for the coca leaf in the Despacho blessing ceremony of the Q'ero Inca healers of Peru when in North America.
Combine Bay leaves with Sandalwood to break a curse, or use as a smudge to cleanse and protect against negative energy. Put one leaf in each corner of a room or space to avoid jinxes. Crush, sprinkle on your floor and then sweep out the door and it will draw and expel any negative energies along with it.

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