Love & Relationships reading

Talk to a love psychic expert for quality advice and guidance if you are having problems in your relationship and want to save it, or you are on the search for love and your special soul mate, but don't know where to look a reading with a love and relationships expert can put you on the right track. Our experts work with spirit Guides and Tarot. 



Are you sometimes confused by life’s mysteries? Are you questioning what life is all about? Do you ‘know’ that there is ‘something else’? This is your innate intuition preparing you for growth and change. Our gifted psychics can steer and guide you to clarity in any situation by tuning into their natural psychic abilities to deliver impartial insights into the next steps forward.


Life & Destiny reading

Schedule your reading with us today and discover your destiny. Where do you find yourself on life’s path? Is life happening too fast or are you feeling lonely and financially trapped? Is this really what fate had in store for you? Why not let our Destiny experts reignite your faith in the power and magic of the universe! Our Readers will reveal the exciting opportunities life’s path has in store for you. 



Personal Spiritual Cleansing

What Is Spiritual Cleansing? Spiritual cleansing is the ritualistic practice of absolving yourself of negative energy. It is the habit of continually reaffirming the purity of your spirit.

Do you find yourself tired at the end of the day? Are you struggling to access emotions? Do some interactions leave you feeling drained of all your energy?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be overdue for a spiritual cleansing session. This practice removes negative energy and enforces positive endurance. This practice of spiritualism, will give you the reset you need. 


Spiritual Home & Business Cleansing

Our homes and businesses are just like our bodies, they can get dense energy trapped in them from time to time. At Incense Haven esoteric & Spiritual shop spiritual we offer cleansing of home or business includes the removal of negative, stagnant energies and the release of earthbound spirits. Energetic disturbances in houses, properties, apartments and business premises can not always be consciously perceived by we humans. Nevertheless, they exist.

These disorders can negatively impact our health and our emotion sensibilities. Many places are also heavily biased by their "history" and can therefore cause disturbances on different levels.


Psychic Healing & Guidance

Psychic healing is believed to work on the energy field surrounding the body to release blocked energy stored within.
This obstructed energy can be caused by mental, emotional or physical trauma. As the psychic healer releases the flow of energy,
the patient is able to begin the healing process.
Psychic healers believe that cleansing and balancing the energy optimizes health and vitality, enabling the patient to release emotional baggage without having to relive past experiences. Psychic healing is a way to locate, analyze and help the entire person and their energy field. It attempts to uncover the root cause of the problem so that it can be relieved.