R 3,000.00


Our homes and businesses are just like our bodies, they can get dense energy trapped in them from time to time. A way to remedy this for the body is to take herbs to get the trapped energy to “move”. Our homes and businesses are no different. This is where Space Clearing is used.

Space Clearing is changing the frequency or vibration of the area. This then creates the energy to change or shift and therefore we feel and perceive the space to feel “lighter” or more “free” or more “relaxing”.

At Incense Haven esoteric & Spiritual shop we offer cleansing of home or business includes the removal of negative, stagnant energies and the release of earthbound spirits. Energetic disturbances in houses, properties, apartments and business premises can not always be consciously perceived by we humans. Nevertheless, they exist.

These disorders can negatively impact our health and our emotion sensibilities. Many places are also heavily biased by their "history" and can therefore cause disturbances on different levels