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A Destiny Reading is based on the belief is that we have all chosen our lives, chosen many of the people in our lives as well as many of the situations that come up throughout the course of our lives.  We chose this because, at a soul level, we wanted to learn, to evolve, and to grow. 

A Destiny Reading is your personal story, an opportunity to provide you with amazing insight and a greater understanding of your own spiritual growth and the choices and challenges you have set before you. A wonderful tool for self-development!

A Destiny Card reading can focus on a number of important aspects in your life offering several benefits:

  • An overall view of your life, your strengths and your weaknesses as well as your greatest challenges.  It can assist you in understanding the true purpose of your life and what you chose to accomplish.
  • A view of the upcoming year where we can review new opportunities and new challenges.  We can explore the choices you face, address these concerns to allow you more clarity and understanding thus enabling you to make better choices as you move through the year.
  • A relationship reading offers a great deal of insight into how you connect to others and how others relate to you. Using this system can greatly improve your understanding of your most challenging relationships and how to improve your communication skills. This is a wonderful tool for both personal and business relationships allowing you to achieve greater harmony and a more in-depth understanding of the many people in your life.

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