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Citrine tree of life pendant is a powerful symbol encompassing the circle of life.  Its roots grow under the earth’s surface, and its branches stretch into the sky above.  It represents the three layers of existence from the underworld, the earth and our final destination, the heavens.

A tree stretches down below into the earth’s core, and its branches stretch into the heavens above.  The body of the tree provide food and shelter to all those who need it.  This magical mystical symbol is basic in its approach and a reminder to us all to keep it simple.  We must stay grounded on our path of life, strengthen our trunk or body so that we can branch out and be the best version of ourselves that we can.  While all the time looking skywards to the divine, in whose glory we are made.  We are all part of this wonderful tree of life.

Citrine tree of life pendant  is made with Citrine a bright energetic stone mirroring the golden colour of the sun’s rays.  Orange is a very powerful colour representing vibrancy, energy and strength.  It’s a stone of prosperity, success and abundance.  Its light reflecting properties resonate with the energy of generosity so that prosperity and success are shared.  If you need to change your financial, family and career circumstances from negative to positive this pendant is for you.  Citrine also acts as an energy booster which makes it a great stone for those of you suffering with excessive tiredness and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

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