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This attractive green aventurine wealth and success. green aventurine  bracelet attracts luck. It boosts chances of winning in every situation. It is the reason it widely adorned by athletes during the competition. The stone is a favorite of people from every walk of life.

5 Features of Green Aventurine  Bracelet

  1. It helps you get rid of bad habits and old patterns that have been an obstruction in your growth.
  2.  The green aventurine bracelet has a connection with the nature. It is the reason it attracts abundance. The stone when kept in home creates a positive aura.
  3. Wearing green aventurine  bracelet guards against electromagnetic emissions.  Similarly, tapping it to mobile phone safeguards from mobile radiation
  4. The green aventurine  bracelet has excellent healing qualities. It helps patients recover from surgeries, circulatory problems and heart ailments.  It is considered very effective in lowering cholesterol level.
  5. The green aventurine  bracelet is very effective in treating skin diseases, migraine, urinary problems, allergies, dyslexia, astigmatism etc.