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Moon stone is a super crystal to have in your collection, helps to sooth worry, anxiety and nervousness, particularly if you have emotional sensitivity, may be around pms time, this crystal can be very helpful. Know to help with fertility as well. At this point I would like to mention men because people do not realise that men have hormone imbalance at times also and moonstone is perfect for getting everything back in to balance and back on track.

This crystal is also known for helping with sorrow and depression, it boost vibration and bring more joy and happiness in to your life.

Also gets your thoughts about yourself back in to perspective, such as hang ups about your body, your self-worth, your self-image and learn to love yourself again.

Physical properties – Helps with hormonal balance, pregnancy and fertility, helps with menstrual problems and relieves fluid retention. Used to treat insomnia and promote beneficial dreams.

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