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Sea water cleanses your energy field. This helps de-clutter your consciousness and you will be able to think clearly. When the mind is stable and clear, life goes on in a peaceful way. This is one of the sea healing benefits.

Flow of life energy

Most of our health problems are due to the imbalances in the flow of life energy in your body. Sea water can restore the inner balance and this will help you sleep better. Energy flow should be harmonious. Only then life will be stable. Bottled up energies and accumulated negative energies may explode. So, it is better to cleanse yourself both internally and externally.


Most of the emotions like anger and guilt can land us in trouble. But controlling such emotions is not easy and healthy. But when your system is calmed down or relaxed in a natural way, such emotions tend to be more stable energies inside you. Sea water healing stabilises your emotions. This is one of the healing benefits of sea water.


When your internal environment is pure, your aura tends to get brighter. This is one advantage of sea water healing. When you are healthy physically and spiritually, you tend to progress well in your life.

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